photo of me taken by pixie campbell yesterday, during our post photo session pleasure field fest

I heard when your child approaches two, that a transformation of sorts begins for parents.  A dear friend the other day described it as gaining more awareness of how to balance "mother" and "other" and of course I had to joke about her and I dancing around to a chant with the words motha' and otha" in it.  : )

I truly do feel this transformation.  Its feels as though space is opening up in my mind and heart for what I feel passionate about again, aside from consciously parenting Cedar.  I am singing more.  I photographed an incredibly special artist yesterday.  I felt brave enough to launch my new website today which shares what my e-course is all about. I feel that inspiration swirling around in my gut. Fresh ideas are peeking around the corner in my mind.

I see this transformation in my husband too.  He is recognizing those other parts of himself aside from being an amazing father to Cedar and providing for our family.  The urges to go kayaking or play disc golf, to read and also write are surfacing for him again.

I think so much of it is Cedar turning two and becoming more independent.  I also think another element is that we are moving in June and our whole lives are going to shift in ways that will be so nourishing for our hearts, our bodies, our well beings and our family.  Perhaps subconsciously, we are preparing for it all.

I am so blessed that my beautiful web designer Jo, from The Darling Tree was somehow in touch with this transformation in my life.  It was like we joined forces and she TOTALLY got me and worked her magic to make it all come together and launch at just the right time. A while back, I sent Jo a messy dump of thoughts and inspirations on how I envisioned my website to look and feel.  It included gorgeous illustrations from my soul-friend Erin at Starving Artist Ink.  Over a course of a few months, Erin had painted watercolors for me that would be on every page of my website and infused throughout the theme of my e-course.  I wasn't sure if using someone else's illustrations was going to feel comfy for Jo but then she sent me her mock-up ideas and I literally got up out of my seat with my hands over my mouth saying "oh. my. goddess!!!"  I love how the art of these two outrageously talented women interwove images and emotions straight from my heart, my journey, my dreams.  I feel blessed and wrapped up by both of them...completely.

I look forward to sharing the messy and beautiful bits of this transformation taking place in my life...on these new whimsical pages.