I think so many of us, me included,  feel the need to fill up space with words in a conversation.  That when a loved one is navigating their way through something hard or uncomfortable, we feel a pressure to say the right thing or to fix it with advice or wisdom.  Most of the time, we all just need to be heard.  Sometimes just simply feeling validated for our emotions is all we need.  A lot of the time, hearing stories from another person going through the same thing is what heals the most.  It helps us to not feel alone.  It gives us strength to carry our own our own time.

I want to practice listening in a way that allows for someone to feel held exactly where they are without them feeling as though they need to move forward right away. I want to practice sitting with it, with them...and breathing into the emotions of now. I want to practice saying "I hear you, I feel you, this is hard or this is wonderful or yes, I understand where you are" more than "This is what I think would help...".

And I want to invite more of that into my life, my circle, too.

I am holding space for all of this today.