cedar groovin'

I know I have been so quiet here this past week. I have a juicy story to share and will do so very very soon. My energies have been focused on our wee boy who has been teething his two year molars, pushing through...all at once. The constant drool is causing a lot of congestion and the nights have been long, needing to hold him up on my chest so he can breathe comfortably. He wakes up happy but mama wakes up weary, so I have been trying to rest during his naps.

Until my next post, I wanted to ask you for some music suggestions. I will be going on a road trip in late April with some lovelies and am going to make a few road trip CD's. Do you have a favorite road trip song(s)?

{Boho Boy and I adore this photo I took of Cedar a few days ago. We love his rhythm and groove}