Sponsor GIVEaway*

One of my newest sponsors that I am so thrilled to share with you is Serendipity Retreats. A comfy space for art and yoga by the sea in a beautifully intimate setting. I remember a few years back, driving down a windy road while at Squam and hearing whispers about this dreamy retreat to be and I felt a sense of calm in my bones.  It was a healing oasis for those that took part of the first retreat and it continues again this October. There are four guides at this retreat, sharing their wisdom, soul and heart. And today, here in my space, they wanted to share something with my readers. Below you will find a piece of their beautiful world that they are offering. There will be four people chosen, one for each gift.

To enter for one of these beauties, you just need to comment on this post. Tell us what serendipity means to you in your life. It can be one word or many or a story but be sure to mention which gift you feel called to.

I will announce the four winners at the beginning of next week.  Comments will be closed on Sunday evening.

Call of the Wild - signed 8.5x11 fine art print from Pixie Campbell. "Wolf answers when called. No questions asked. Leaves fear behind. Lifts strong paws and pads lightly across the earth, nose to the ground, fur up on neck, ears up, and bright eyes leading the way." A signed copy of "The Dread Crew" from Kate Inglis January Magazine calls The Dread Crew: Pirates of the Backwoods by Kate Inglis 'a spirited tale, gorgeously rendered'. It suits hooligans and adventure-seekers 8-80 years old. By October's Serendipity Retreat, the sequel will be undergoing final line edits.

"What a mess. See, wherever they go, the pirates chew up the forest, all mindless crashing with that giant woodship. All they care about is junk and they'll crush anything that gets in the way. I was just as blind to it as you until one day I tripped over a clue. And then another. What else was there to do? I became a pirate hunter. I tracked them like a thunderstorm. I collected evidence and found their trail. Then they disappeared. Then I met the weirdest girl in the world. Turns out she was their scout. Then together we stole their ship. By the time you get to the end you see it’s really just the beginning..." Love*Listen*Trust rocks from Mccabe Russell Hand painted beach stones from the magical shore of Southern California. Each rock infused with magic and love. use them to create whimsy in your everyday life. (but be careful what you wish for.) Self care/Mommy's night in kit from Michelle Madden Smith a yoga mat, a lavender-filled eye pillow, aromatherapy, a bottle of wine, and a few other yummy surprises...