my dread journey :: transformation ~ welcoming softness

This video was recorded last week. I needed some time to marinate before I shared with the world beyond these four walls the steps I was about to take on my dread journey. When a transformation is about to begin and we are still moving through the vulnerable parts, other people's opinions or attachments to our choices can cause need for more reflection. This is why I chose to do this more quietly. Which is the space I have been dwelling in for a while now; quiet, inward, meditation, listening. I am remembering the importance of living just to live in the present moment while practicing letting go of that need to be seen and validated in those moments. I am really honoring finding my self worth from within rather than from what others feel about me.

All this to say, I have been walking with this transformation for about a week now and it is in such alignment with this path I am on of not needing to create a big or bold statement with my choice. I am just moving slower these days. Quieter. Softer. Gentler. And as my hair has so often been an expression of where I am at in my life, this choice feels so good and true. I will share more details about the next phase of this transformation in my next blog post this week.

A couple of things...

  • The sound is off with the movement of my lips. Not sure why. Ah well.
  • Its really long. Like 19 minutes long and I cut out a lot. Was feeling chatty. ; )
  • Pictures to follow very soon in the next post. For those of you that are unable to watch the video, my next post will get into more detail about this decision.
  • Links for products and videos will be in next post as well.
  • Lots of "ummm" goin' on between thoughts. ; )