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Deerskin & Antler Ring:

This ring was made with ultra soft deerskin and a ~naturally shed~ deer antler button. It was sewn with natural fiber sinew. It is not adjustable but it will stretch a little.

Forest Sprite Pouch:

Keep your treasured finds, sacred herbs, crystals, or other talismans inside this pouch to carry the medicine with you. This pouch is made with deerskin and sewn with natural fiber. It measures 2 x 2 3/4 inches.

The artist, my deer/dear friend Lauren handmade these beautiful treasures. I cherish the ones she made for me (that is my hand in the photo above and I have a pouch as well) .  I feel their gentle deer medicine when I have them close. Lauren has been so very mindful about my connection to deer since I wrote this post and shared with her their impeccable timing of showing up on certain days in my life. So, we thought it would be appropriate to share some of their gentleness with you as many of you have written so touched about deer and how healing they are.

Edited to add:  Note from Lauren in response to a few questions and concerns...

These buttons were made from naturally shed antlers. I do not support deer farming and I will never buy any hides from any mass produced company that kills deer for their skins. I have been given many hides to work with and I honor the animal by giving thanks for its hide, and by putting it to good use as it does carry the energy of the animal not the energy of the person who skinned it. Most of the hides I use I was given by other medicine people, that were blessed in ceremony... a couple of hides I exchanged for from a local Native American woman who owns a trade post. When I run out of hides I will not be making more products unless I am given more because like you I do not want to contribute to any animal's suffering. When I am given something that use to belong to an animal I do not feel bad using it to share the good energy from it... I feel honored to work with it and keep it's energy flowing in my works. It would otherwise go to waste because I use 90% scrap pieces, which is why there are no large items in my shop.

{Lauren has graciously offered all of my readers a 15% discount in her shop.  Please just enter BOHO15 when checking out.  Thank you, Lauren!}

GIVEaway Rules:

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