boho girl of yellow gables*

Those of you that have been coming to this space for years know how much I adore Anne of Green Gables and how those stories are held in my heart. How when I was a teenager, my best friend and I vowed we would marry men like Gilbert Blithe and one of the things I adored about him was how he pronounced "sorry" (soar-ree) in that yummy Canadian way. And here I am, married to a Canadian and seriously, all he needs to do when I am feeling blue is say "sorry" and my heart melts. I even find myself pronouncing it that way having lived with him for so long. ; )

As much as I've known for over a year now, walking by it nearly every day, that this yellow home has gables, it wasn't until I stood back to take this photo that I realized "Oh! I LIVE in a house with gables!!" Then came a big deep sigh from the deepest part of me. That part of me that believes so truly about how dreams can be manifested. Just as I dreamed about marrying a Canadian Gilbert Blithe, I also dreamed about living in a home much like the one in the Anne stories near a close community of folks and a wholesome place to raise a family.

A very thoughtful blog reader sent this link to me about an Anne & Gilbert themed wedding shoot. Aren't these images divine?

My sister Darlene is here for a 10 day visit. I unpacked most every box for her arrival and set up most rooms (most especially the guest room) so that she could feel relaxed and nourished. I have yet to put things up on the wall. I wanted to leave that for her and I to do together. When Cedar is in school, we will be shopping in antique stores to get a few shelves, side tables and dishes. I will share images of my home, as they are nearly finished. For now, I will share with you the guest room. One of the reasons why we chose this home is for the guest room. Its near the bathroom and that is so important to us for our elderly guests, as well as family that have knee or back problems. Each of our previous homes had stairs where they had to climb up and down for the bathroom and it was always so hard to see them struggle. I can finally exhale and know my guests have all the comforts they need.

Guest room:

{These walls are light pink with dark pink trim. We are not allowed to paint until we buy this home in a year. I wasn't sure how to work around pink!}

Where I am sitting on the couch in the living room as I type, this is the view out my front window.

Right now everything is so wildly WILD. Overgrown grass and rose bushes and flowers. Its hard to tell the difference between weeds or flowers or berry bushes and we've had to cut pathways to get around. Part of me adores the romance of this so and part of me worries about my son getting snagged by large prickly stems reaching out between paths. Our landlord was an avid gardener when she first moved into this home and I adore her way of thinking. So many arbors with vines and flowers growing up and out and over all things. MMMMmmmm...but it has been quite let go in her older age. This weekend we plan on walking through with her to create a space that is both mildly wild and safe for our son and his friends as they come to play. She wants us to buy this house and has taken such great care of us.

Here are some yummy images of Cedar & Auntie DD over the last few days:

{she brought cedar a box of feathers she found around her farm to start a collection. he was delighted}

{first morning together, cuddled on the couch}

{serenading cedar}