marinating in autumn*

i adore these to images of cedar.  especially the one wear he is "puppywearing"! {carrier purchased from etsy shop babythebaby}

Life has been full. I am marinating in Autumn. Its so different here than what I've experienced most of my life in California. Especially Southern California. The shift in weather happens sooner than what I know and lasts longer. There is a deep chill in the morning and evenings and a warm mystical wind in the afternoon. The red and orange hues on the leaves turning are brighter than I've ever seen. Our fireplace is beginning to warm our home and our firepit warms our yard under the moon. Mmmm...its my favorite time of year.

This morning while Cedar was still sleeping and my hair was drip drying, I found myself flipping through Martha Stewart magazine and deeply inspired to decorate, cook, bake, jar and sew. And I giggle at myself. I always considered my sisters the crafty ones. I am loving this transformation that is happening within. It feels deeply rooted and calm and cozy and safe and real...and present.

Speaking of sister was here for a few weeks and she taught me how to sew. A darling old woman let me bring my sewing machine to her shop so that my sister could teach me in peace. My first project was a huge floor pillow. My sister and I squealed the first few times I stitched the sides. Now I'm telling everyone I know..."I made a pillow!!" I am beyond excited and ready and open to learn. I hope to make wide leg yoga pants for me, my husband and Cedar and then eventually other comfy eco-conscious clothing for me and my loved ones. But one step at a time: pillows, napkins, curtains, etc. : )

Here is my darling Singer Curvy sewing machine. I have to admit, the name Curvy made my heart happy. ; )

I have a feeling Cedar will take up an interest in sewing himself. He seems aware of style on other people and often comments on what he loves. Especially with our neighborhood full of girls. He is surrounded and the only boy around.

When my sis was here, we tie-dyed a few shirts for him. The one I did is shown below. Now I have the tie-dye bug and am dreaming of all sorts of cool muted colors and designs.

My sister and I went shopping for yarn. She's going to make me a star garland to hang on my window that we saw in Mollie Makes Magazine (love this mag) and a crochet triangle shawl/scarf (similar to the one Charlize Theron is wearing in Sweet November...have been wanting this for years).

While shopping for yarn, we picked up a few costume bits for Cedar to play with. I am collecting costumes to pile up in our antique chest that sits in our living room. He's beginning to love wearing them throughout the day. But the wings and hairpiece that he grabbed out of our bag with glee and wore all day long were AWESOME. Especially when he was outside playing with the neighborhood girls. He thought he was the coolest fairy on the block and even through they giggled at him, they embrace his quirky ways. ; )

One of my most favorite memories was our evening canoe ride. First I watched my boys and my sis go out and then they returned to invite me in. We somehow all squeezed in without sinking. ; ) It felt other worldly to be on the glassy water mezmorized by the reflected clouds.

{cedar & auntie dd}