pumpkin therapy*

As I've shared recently I am really feeling and reveling in the changes of seasons and the holidays approaching. This past weekend we took Cedar to a pumpkin patch.  It was his very first time.  You can see the joy in his face!! The gray skies were such a gorgeous contrast to the bright oranges and greens. 

We couldn't wait to carve our pumpkins, which means we'll get to do more as Halloween approaches.  Cedar wanted me to carve him a kind-hearted face on his (first one below) and I decided to trace and carve an owl design onto mine.  Perhaps next time I'll be brave enough to do my own drawing.

I told my husband how healing carving these pumpkins felt. There was something about the rhythm and moving of my hands and the anticipation of sculpting and what may come to be. I found myself in a bit of a trance and I realized how much I need to create. How important it is for my soul. And of course I know this down deep about myself but my consciousness has been elsewhere. I need to work with my hands. It quiets my mind. It hushes the noise.

Something is opening up for me. I am remembering. Remembering what fills me up. Walking every day in the forest. Working with my hands. These discoveries are happening organically and not forced. I knew the quiet would bring me back and open up what it is that feels good to me without all of the distractions I have kept around me for so long.

And our sweet Cedar and all we are learning about his sensory needs. Its like he is a mirror to our own and this awareness has been intense but also so validating. My boys and I are three kindred spirits under one roof. We are deep in the midst of sorting out each of our needs and how we can each feel heard, honored and loved and create peace in a loud-like world.

All this from carving pumpkins. Pumpkin therapy. : )