a fun question*

the coffee she made for me.  she always designs just what i need on the foam.

I was at a local coffee shop that I frequent often. I stood at the register, my eyes moving up and down the menu, feeling a little overwhelmed by the choices and not at all sure what I wanted.

"Do you need help?" the beautiful blue doe-eyed Barista asked.  She's there every time I come in.

"Yes! Yes, I would actually love some help." I responded, blushing. "Today, you look like a lavender white mocha". She said.

I smiled because that drink does feel a bit like something I would choose had I seen it on the menu and I wondered how she knew that about me.

We exchanged a few bright eyed glances and smiles and then she asked while foaming the milk...

"If you could be any role in a movie, what would it be?"

I giggled, surprised by the question and then found my mind drifting to The Princess Bride. That film holds such good memories for me at a time when my life felt so simple and innocent and less complicated.

"Princess Buttercup". I answered.

Her whole face lit up.  "Good one."

Me, the hopeless romantic and lover of long curly hair and beautiful renaissance dresses and believing in someone's word...and in "true love". ; )  I am sure if I had enough time and mindfulness in that moment (without anyone waiting behind me in line), I could have come up with something deeper and perhaps indie but I love my knee-jerk answer, for that moment and how it made me feel.

So now I'd like to turn it over to those that are reading this. If you could play a role/character in a movie, who would it be and why?

{Boho Boy answered "Han Solo"...which is so him!}