guest post ~ em falconbridge*


I've known Em since we were practically neighbors while I was living in Southern Calfornia.  She's so very real and true and deep roots and full of ease to be near.  I was so wildly thrilled about this dreamified retreat she's offering that I wanted to share it with my readers!  


hello dear fae*soul readers!

i'm popping in to share with you a retreat happening just outside of ubud, bali next january - a true escape and dream week in a gorgeous inspiring place. a gathering of gentle souls. a burst of culture and creativity. a time to breathe and be. a week for *you*!

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 6.20.27 PM.png

my soul-sister nicole has lived in bali for many years and our group will benefit deeply from her connections and knowledge of this magical land, as well as spending the week with her local friends (who have become her family) - we will be invited into their homes, culture and sacred places that most tourists will never have the chance to be exposed to. 


our week will be thoughtful and full of time to relax and enjoy, along with trips to local artisans studios for workshops, sacred places and cultural immersion. there will also be an art space at our resort for magic to happen at any time of the day or night!

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for more information or to register, please visit my blog.

or our facebook page.

lots of love, 

em xo