a taproot gathering*

Taproot Gathering at Squam is one of my lovely Sponsors and I wanted to share their video with you on this Summer Solstice.

Squam Art Workshops holds a very special place in my heart.  Its where I hugged so many of you in the flesh for the first time.  Its where I bravely stepped into photographing artists.  Its where I received a phone call while in a cabin by the lake that we were going to adopt a baby boy rather than a girl (first ultra sound was wrong).   It was where I was surrounded by soulful women and held close as I sobbed at the news (both happy and fearful tears).  It was the first place I went to away from my baby when he was almost a year old.  It seems to hold such pivotal moments for me and my journey.  I haven't had a chance to go back in a while but I think of it often and I've seen how many lives have been touched there and I know one day I will lay my body on of those healing docks again.