i miss writing here*

little girl within.jpg

Goodness, I've been so much quieter on my blog than I have intended to be.  That is going to change.  I feel like I have so much swirling around and within me that I am eager to explore it through words, which is such a healing way for me to process.  Life has been so very full, my friends and I've been needed deeply by those that surround me in the flesh this past month.   

Its just been one of those seasons in my life both stormy and still and I have had few moments to marinate in it and allow it to move through me in a way that I can see the messages, the heart lessons clearly.  But that clarity is slowly sinking in because I am recognizing my need to slow and see clear enough to fully get where its taking me.

I miss writing it out and here is where I write it out.   

Although I will be most likely traveling out of town to be with family soon because my very strong, wise, passionate and steadfast grandmother (my VaVa) is beginning to move on from this life and into a realm where she can be together with my VoVo (grandfather) again.  Its deeply achy and sad and I find myself often telling Cedar stories of my VaVa this week, many from when I was little.  I have loved how he has honored that I need to share and he's been charmed by her spirit.  I know she would want more celebration of her life than sadness.  So when I am with my family, I am going to put my intentions towards celebrating who she was as the matriarch to our huge Portuguese family.

I am praying that her journey from here to there is peaceful and full of light, warmth, comfort, ease and h(om)e for her soul. 

So while I am away, I will have another guest post and perhaps just a few images here and there but I look forward to my return so that I can begin writing this transition flowing within me. 

Until then, I wanted to also share that our ecourse is beginning on October 14th.  We've received such luscious feedback from the first round.  I do hope you can join us in October.  It was such a transformational experience for so many, including both Rain and me.