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Guest post by my dear friend (and previous holistic/lifestyle coach) Stephanie Perkinson:

Autumn may be my favorite time of year. Here in the Northeast, it is when the earth showers us with her bounty. Eager to take advantage, it seems as if every burner of my stove seems to have something bubbling over it. Counter space is filled with things soaking and marinating. Glass jars are filled with hearty grains and dried fruit. 

The smell of a stew mixes with the scent of dried leaves and crackling fire, filling my home with the most intoxicating perfume. This is my home as the season shifts. 

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I layer our beds with thick flannel and boiled wool blankets. Every corner gets a good scrubbing, objects that are no longer loved and used get passed on and our home is slowly organized as we find ourselves pulled into a new rhythm. I make new alters to reflect my most pressing desires. It is a rebirth of sorts. Readying and grounding ourselves for the longer, darker nights spent indoors. 

This is when I need more than ever my home space to be transformed into soul space.

Now is the perfect time to gaze at your cocoon with discerning eyes and ask, "How does what I see serve me, how is this room making me feel"? Are there more than a few places that could use some loving?  

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In Feathering the Nest, Leah and I will show you how to investigate further using some of our favorite Eastern philosophies to help us guide you. This course isn't focused solely on removing clutter and making things looks pretty, it's so much deeper than that. We take you on a journey through each room of your home, infusing each space with beautiful intention.

We want more than anything to show you that your home can become a powerful catalyst for your dreams. When we stir up the energy thats floating around in your home and show you how to invite more of the good stuff in, you'll start to see beautiful change reflected back to you. 

Let us help you gently coax the unique beauty in your home out into the open, no matter its shape or size, so that you and your loved ones feel at ease as you transition into a new season. Feathering the Nest is a sensual, two week journey and we begin September 30thWe would love to see you there!

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I am so honored to be hosted in Denise's sacred space. We are excited to announce that we are gifting away ONE seat in this class to one of you (a $59 value)!

There are three ways to enter this GIVEaway:

~ Leave a comment here on the Fae*Soul Blog, telling us what room needs some loving in your house

~ Share about the (GIVE)away on Instagram, using the hashtag #featheringthenest and tagging @stephperkinson and come back here to tell us

~ Tweet about the give-away using hash-tag #featheringthenest and come back here to tell us.

You may absolutely do more than one of these options for a second or third chance to win the seat. 

Comments to enter close on midnight (PST) Saturday, September 28th.

There is more! As a special thank you to each visitor in this sacred space, we are honored to offer a 15% discount on the class. Please use the code: FAESOUL at checkout to receive your discount!!


A bit about the ladies behind Feathering the Nest:

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Stephanie Perkinson is a certified holistic health and lifestyle coach and mama to two young boys. Leah Kent is an artist, designer and holistic life coach. These two east coast ladies created Feathering the Nest to show women how to connect with their deepest desires and favorite things as a way to make their home into a nurturing soul space. To Learn more and register, come visit at: Feathering the Nest.