a note from boho baby*

jen and cedar, canon 50d (click to englarge)

Dear Fairy Godmother ~

I was told in the land of spirit babies, long before I came into the world that I was going to receive a very rare and special gift when I came into my parents life.

That gift was a Fairy Godmother.

There was much talk up there about Fairy Godmothers and how magical they were but none of my spirit friends knew exactly what they looked like. We all imagined they may resemble what many of the stories here describe; Tiny, chubby, flying around with wings and magic wands and perhaps a little older like a Grandma. I tried not to be bummed about the idea of a tiny old lady flying around me all the time telling me what to do. I wanted to be a good sport and appreciate that I even have a Fairy G at all, you know? It's just that...I'm kind of a funky dude and I have a reputation to uphold and what would all my friends think if I hung out with an old lady all day?

I have been here for two months and have been waiting your arrival...not knowing how or when you'd come. Then I saw you for the first time last week walking up the stairs to the loft where I pretended to be sleeping. I peeked through my tiny chubby fingers that were over my eyes and what I saw totally blew me away. So much so, that I had a huge poopie diaper right then and there.

You were gorgeous. Not only gorgeous but super funky and cool. You were tall and modelesque and wore funky hip clothes and jewels. Your eyes filled with tears when you first saw me and then my heart totally came undone. It was love at first sight. My totally beautiful, fun, funny, smart, witty, crazy about me Fairy G was in the house!! I couldn't WAIT to tell my spirit friends in my dream how wrong we all were!!

And that I did. That night, when you told my parents to go to bed so that you could hang out with me all alone, get to know me and bond, I went right to sleep on your chest so that I could meet all my spirit pals in dreamland and brag about how awesome you were. You saw me laughing in my sleep, remember? That was because all of them told me how hot you were. No kidding, man...I'm now the talk of spirit baby land. I'm a rockstar there. Now they all want one!

I miss you already. I miss your smell. I miss your laugh and how you brought so much joy and sunshine into our home. I miss you telling me how adorable I am. I mean, I can't hear that enough. So, don't stop, k?

I loved how I saw a side of my mommy that I hadn't seen yet. Its been just her and me here at home while daddy is at work during the day. I saw how good it was for her to spend time with other people that are much like her. I guess I will start sharing her now because since you've been here, she seems even more filled up.

I know you're in my life for a reason. I know we have a destiny. I know my mommy, daddy and you felt that before I was born. I know I'll learn so much from you and that if anyone hurts me, you'll kick their bootie. I know that there are many videos to be made and songs to be sung and dances to dance together. I know there will be inside jokes and dress ups and wigs and paint. Something tells me that you'll be one of my very best friends. Well, you already are.

Perhaps next time you'll show me those wings you were hiding.

Not only am I the envy of all the dudes in babyland above....but I will be the envy of all the dudes in my schools growing up here. Cuz I've got a hot blond for a Fairy G.

Seriously. You rock the worlds of the Boho Fam.

We love you around these parts.