boho postcards*

set of ten 4 x 5 postcards sold at my shop

I'm so thrilled to begin my new journey with a new space and new and exciting pretties in my shop. For months now I have craved change for my blog both aesthetically and an expression of me that resonates more with who I am today. It has been ages since I have closed my jewelry shop "bohemian girl designs" and widened the path for my photography business "Boho Photography". I thought it was fitting for my blog now to reflect that name, that image, that feel and all the fresh new stuff in my life.

My previous blog will always be there for new readers to refer back to. You can find your way back by clicking the Vintage Chronicles button on my left sidebar.

It feels so wonderful to stretch my limbs and leap into the new year with skin that is shedding and renewing itself. These adventures will be about my new direction as a portrait photographer for artists, as well as experimenting with more fine art photography (new prints in my shop coming soon!).

My writings will be about my growing relationship with our sweet son, spilling my very honest and raw emotions that surround this very new path of parenthood. I will share the myriad of emotions that can surface in regards to adoption and the lingering thoughts and feelings that continue to surface from trekking a long road of fertility challenges.

The end of last year, I was approached by a publisher, whom I deeply admire, to write a book about my journey. I hope to share some of those peaks and valleys of the writing process with you. This will be my very first try at doing something so brave and yet frightening and I can imagine I'll need to let it all out here in this comfy space where I speak my truth.

With all that said, I wanted to start it all off with offering you new postcards in my shop. So many people have written me about wanting my prints but needing to save money, so I wanted to offer a less expensive option of everyone's favorites.

The set is a package of ten 4 x 5 postcards (2 each of the five different prints shown above) for $15 that you can mail to your friends with sweet love notes OR frame for your lovely home.

Just a little package o' boho from me to you.