a delicious GIVEaway...

Update: One more day, folks!!! Comments will be closed at midnight on Wednesday (or officially Thursday).

Find out what we're giving away by watching my video.
To enter, you must leave a comment (one word or lots of words).
Comments are open until 12:00AM, Thursday, February 12th.

How winner is determined:
Boho Boy will not be reading the comments but will choose a random number from 1 to however many comments there are.

Juicy bonus:
There will be a bonus prezzie that will be sent to the winner along with the giveaway prize that I talk about in the video. You'll find out what that bonus prezzie is on Thursday.

Second Mini-Prize...just for fun:
A Boho postcard set will be sent to the commenter that moves me like none other. Whether it is funny, serious, poetic or whatever...get creative. No pressure. Just fun because the first prize is WAY cooler and all you have to do is leave a simple comment for that one. It could be one word if you want.

I am so loving the bags under my eyes in this video.
Yay for sleep deprivation!!!

{if you are unable to watch the video for whatever reason, do email me at denise (at) bohophoto (dot) com and i will let you know what it is}