a note from cedar*

boho girl's marmie & daddy with boho baby, canon 50d

Dear Grandma Marmie & Vu-Vu ~

Every day was a treat when you guys were here. I totally dig how I was the center of attention the WHOLE time. That is how I like it!

When you guys first walked in on the day you landed, I could tell my mommy has needed you both. Her eyes lit up and she took a deep breath and she hugged you longer than I've seen her hug anyone. I get the feeling whenever she is with you, it feels like home to her. She is still talking about when you guys were here and how much it meant to her to see you both fall more in love with me. I loved watching her face fill with tenderness when she watched us together.

But lets move onto me. ; )

I am still trying to remember the words to that French song you kept singing to me, Grandma Marmie. Mommy has tried but she sort of ruins it when she tries to get the accent straight. You do much better! I know her Memere used to sing it to her, so I am glad you are carrying on the tradition with me. This is cool...Omi speaks to me in German, you speak to me in French. I will totally be a bilingual baby and can put it on my resume.

I loved how in tune with me you were when I was getting gassy belly aches. You were so patient and loving and would get so excited when I burped or farted. I guess I should do it more often if you guys like it so much. My favorite part was when you would rock me in the rocking chair and snuggle your nose into my neck. You smelled good and your skin was soft and almost the same color as mine! I am used to being the white one around my home but you totally beat me.

And Vu-Vu...no one can make the sounds that come out of your mouth when you talk to me! I am totally mesmerized by them and keep waiting for daddy to do it. Mommy said you used to do that to her and my aunties when they were little too and it always made them laugh. So, when I start laughing in a few months, you will know how funny I think you are. I thought it was hilarious that our kitty Amber snuggled up to you the minute you sat in our leather Man Chair on that first night. She NEVER warms up to men but she dug you right away. Every night she would fight you for the ottoman and plop her furry body onto your legs and stare at you the whole night. She was majorly crushing on you and now she is mopey without you around. Come back soon or she might need to pop some kitty Prosac. Elvis misses you too. I thought it was fun when he would lay his paw on your shoulder and just chill. He does that to me too.

Thank you both for babysitting me last Friday night so mommy and daddy could go on a date. I've been wanting them to do that for a while now but I know they didn't want to leave me. I thought it was cool that they totally trusted you guys and then could relax and get all romantic (yuck!). They told me that they tried not to talk about me while out but ended up talking about me the whole time. Again...I am the center of attention and I LOVE IT.

I really miss you both. I miss your company, your smells, the way you snuggle me close. I miss your jokes and your love and the way you love my mommy and daddy. I miss watching you eat without a table because I know you're not used to that and it would make me smile. I miss the smell of Vu-Vu's creamy coffee he would bring over every night. I miss Grandma marmie's look on her face when she would try my mommy and daddy's yerba mate with rice milk and agave nectar.

I just miss you both...period. But I know you are back in your home, snuggling up to Callie-Lu and resting from it all. I just can't wait to see you when mommy brings me out to your home at the bottom of the Sierras. I am really looking forward to riding an airplane...vroom vroom!

Hugs, kisses and raspberries in your necks.


ps. mommy misses how perfectly you clean the kitchen and fold laundry. ; )

{note from Boho: If you guys haven't noticed, we have WAY too much furniture for our loft and it is all improperly placed as a result. I just can't seem to get rid of my cool things and hey, some day I hope to fill an old home with it all. ; ) }