two treats*

me & lisa, at her station in the salon

me in the salon bathroom, post color!

My mother in law is in town and she graciously offered to watch Cedar so that I could have some much needed girl time. So, my sweet local friend, Lisa treated me to a new hair color today. She is an artist to the core and has the intuitive ability to give me highlights and rich colors that totally suits me where I am at in my life at that moment.

I sit in her chair and she says "what do you want done today my dear?" and I always respond "whatever you feel inspired to do. I trust you." Every time we begin with this conversation and each time I love seeing her eyes light up. As so many of her clients come with a photo or idea of exactly what they want, I come in wanting her to create her own vision.

As an artist, it feels so good to know that your client is so very confident about your work that they trust your intuition, your talent and wherever it will guide you. I love giving this gift of trust to her as she gifts me with her ability to take care of not only my hair but my heart. Such a tender exchange each time.

This time in particular was extra special. I came in as a tired momma that hasn't had time to shower regularly, let alone look pretty. She just got it and lifted all those parts in me that felt neglected and worn. Thank you, Lisa love.


As for another treat (a really juicy one), the winner of the Tree Pixie Hat is...

Katherine, who said:


Gotta protect her for all she does for us.

Beautiful, sweet hat. I would love to place it on my babe's little head just as soon as she or he arrives from the arms of a brave woman.

February 24, 2009 8:18 PM

Katherine, please send your mailing address to denise (at) bohophoto (dot) com. Congrats my dear! Vicky and Jimmy chose you...but all three of us resonated and our heart strings were tugged by your story. ; )

Thank you everyone for entering! I loved reading your words and thoughts and I know Vicky wishes she could knit each of you hats fast enough.