three months!

boho baby, taken at three months old on february 22nd, canon 50d
{click photos for larger view}

Dear Cedar ~
A few days ago you turned three months old and as you can see from the photos above, we all celebrated...especially you. So many readers and dear friends told us that there is something magical about three months. I've tried to be gentle about those kind of things. Mainly because I know every baby is so very different and I didn't want to put those expectations onto you.

But you know what? They were right. It almost seemed the very day you turned three months, you couldn't stop smiling. You slept 7 hours that night (yes, we poked and prodded you all night to make sure you were breathing!) and you took a long nap during the day. It was wild, baby!!!

You gaze in our eyes with such a bright intensity, it melts us each time. Your whole body smiles when you feel joy. I heard you giggle for the first time today and it truly rocked my world.

You are my hero for maintaining such patience and joy...even though it has been a rough road to discovering a diagnosis for your digestive issues. Now that you're feeling better with treatment, we can see so much of your personality spilling out of you.

And you know what? Not only are you gentle and sweet and thoughtful but you can be so funny, dude. Oh how I just know you will have your daddy and I laughing for years to come.

So, we have these music channels on our tellie and whenever I put on Big Band songs or Show tunes, your whole face lights up and you get bummed out unless I am up, holding you and dancing along with the music. You could dance for hours. So...your father and I are wondering what this means. ; )

Every time someone holds you, they are amazed at your muscle strength. You've been holding your head up since you were 2 weeks old and now you can stand on your legs for long periods of time without buckling. Even your pediatrician was taken aback when you pushed her off of you with your legs. So, patient, you have plenty of time for walking!! I can't believe I can hold you on my hip at 3 months. Mommy is going to have to start working out again to keep up with you.

One of my favorite things to do with you is sit you up and talk with you. While I am sharing thoughts and feelings and stories, you listen intently. You respond to each fluctuation with ooh's and ahh's and other sounds. Then you smile and throw your arms and legs out and up and then talk back to me again. We're having a conversation, baby and connecting with you like this has been so nurturing and fulfilling.

I know when we go out that a lot of people approach us and think you're a girl. Just know that it is a compliment honey. It's okay to be a pretty boy. ; )

We're basically puddy in your hands. You are our long awaited dream come true. Today I rocked you in the chair and a tear fell down my cheek as I gazed at your cherub sleepy face. You're so meant for every way.

Happy three months boho babe. I am so enjoying getting to know you better each day and with each new part of you that comes through, I fall deeper and deeper and deeper in love.