bits about the boy*

cedar and me, taken by boho boy

I have my sweet sister visiting this week, so am being a bit quiet here in this space while I revel in companionship. In the meantime, wanted to share a few sweet bits about our boy.

He had a Well Baby doc appt. today...his GERD is under control and he is improving by day. The Tucker Sling and Wedge have made a remarkable difference in his recovery. We use it for all feedings and to keep him elevated when he is having an acid reflux attack. We also keep him elevated at an angle in his crib and since we've been doing this, he has slept for 7 hours straight at night!!! Two weeks of night bliss so far. He is also finally napping during the day. For 2.5 months he only took 10 minute naps per they are up to 2 hours. Our wee one is healing and it shows.

Giving him Mylicon and Tummy Soother before feedings makes his belly happy.

He smiles with his entire body. When we talk and sing to him, he looks to the side with his mouth open wide in a smile and he bats his eyes. Then his whole body goes into a joyful dance. This goes on all day and into the night.

When he is tired or needing comfort, he puts his right hand up to the side of his head and tugs on and rubs his ear.

He sleeps with his arm slung over his head.

He loves to fold his hands together and stare at them.

The last few days he's been sucking on the bottom of his palm when he is hungry.

He falls asleep to old music. Today it was Judy Garland, yesterday it was Fred Astaire.

His eyes are the deepest and lightest shades of blue with splashes of green.

His latest words are "Ooooooooh" "Mmmm Gee-Gee" and "Owwww".

The only book I've read to him that made him smile was one about Faeries.

He gasps when wind touches his face.

When he wakes up from sleep...the first thing he does when he sees me is smile big and throw his arms up in the air behind him.

He thinks it is funny when he sees me eat.

He loves gazing in peoples eyes for a long while.

He lets out a big sigh of relief right before he falls asleep on my shoulder.

He has won our the max.

More soon.