eye gazer*

cedar, 4.5 months, taken with camera phone

okay, is it just me or is he just super duper cute? love how the light shining through the windows brings out the colors in his eyes. lots of grays, blues and splashes of green.

this is him...fighting every ounce of being tired. every day...he just fights those naps he needs because he doesn't want to miss anything! he is so alert, aware, inquisitive and one huge sponge of smartness. he's like..."sleep, are you kidding? i'll miss some new life lessons! no time for sleep!"

but then...regardless if he naps long or not, he sleeps an average of 10 straight hours at night. trust me...i do not take how wonderful that is for granted.

one of the many special things Cedar does is he gazes into your eyes. for a very long time. mostly until you break the gaze. i can feel him searching and communicating and empathizing and dreaming. i thought perhaps he only did that with those he spent a long period of time with.

but the other day i took him to where Boho Boy works. when we brought him in to meet his boss for the first time, that is the first thing he said about our little one. "he certainly stares into your eyes for a long time! he sees right through me, doesn't he?"

it feels intense at times. i wonder if he will be an empath like his mommy. i find it so beautiful and moving and surreal. our little eye gazer.

me & cedar this morning...taken with camera phone