new prints*

"ethereal light" print in my shop

Finally...I added some new prints to my shop. I've been meaning to do this for ages but a wee little man in my life has kept me preoccupied.

I've been a bit quiet this week. Feeling slightly under the weather and conserving what little energy I have to being as present as a mother as I can.

Tonight I find myself feeling restless here. I live in a town that is almost always sunny...and I am a girl who loves cold, chilly, gray weather. I try not to live in the future, wanting to be somewhere else.

The day started with hovering clouds today. I prayed for rain. The sun broke through and it felt like Summer. Too soon.

A dear friend of mine, living in a sweet rainy city had a broken heart tonight. I wanted to be there. Staring out the window of a cafe with her, watching the rain, all the people walking by without umbrellas, letting their heads get soaked...talking of love gained and love lost.

I feel like I reach deeper places inside of me when it rains. Perhaps because rain feels cleansing and less scary to release the hurt and the joy.

I have a lot of releasing to do and it can't wait for a gray and rainy day. Perhaps the light coming through my window will guide the way.

{today Cedar and I went to and entered in "Libera" as a station. the music on this station is pure peace and sweetness. i feel like Cedar has a very similar angelic spirit as these boys do. if you try it, tell me what you think.}