my sojourn on a cleanse...

cedar and me this morning, taken with my camera phone

Many of you sweet mind and body journey sisters/brothers have asked me what cleanse I am on. I was actually a bit hesitant to share only because it is a cleanse that my husband and I invented to suit us based on our experience with other cleanses/diets we've tried on our journey to conceive. Its not solely from one book or idea or philosophy or a website or a green food organization of sorts. It is a cleanse that my husband and I concocted knowing what we could handle right now with a new baby, what foods feel right and what foods make us crabby and less present in our world. I was a bit afraid to share it because I was certain there were some hard core cleansers out there that were going to say "you're doing it SO wrong! here...let me give you lots of advice you ignorant cleansers!" I suppose if someone does want to say this, my response would be that I believe we are all different bodies and souls and minds and what works for some, may not work for others. I would also say that each of us have inner guides and if we truly listen and become aware of how our body reacts to what we put in our mouth or a particular activity, it could teach us so many things about what steps to take on the road to a more whole and alive you.

One of the coolest things I've ever heard was during a raw food cooking class (or shall I say non-cooking) I took with Stacy in Los Angeles a bit ago. Our sexy sassy healthy instructor had told us that cleansing can be as simple as taking one thing out of your diet for 30 days; caffeine, dairy, chocolate, etc. So, this is why I feel I can say I am on a cleanse...even though I am still eating. ; )

We've done SO many diets over the last five years, suggested by our naturopaths, all with the intention of conceiving. Even though we didn't conceive, it did open our minds to foods we would have otherwise not tried. Although, I do have a wee bit of a bad taste in my mouth about trying any one particular diet at this time in my life. I associate so much of that with sadness, depression and that constant longing for a baby and disappointment that after all of my hard whole body work, I still didn't get pregnant. I mean, guys...when I was on the Blood Type Diet, I thought that if I ate popcorn, Boho Boy's sperm wouldn't penetrate my precious egg. You know what I'm sayin'? I attached shame, guilt, blame to so many foods that I love. BTW...I love love love popcorn and now eat it in moderation (because corn is an *avoid* for B blood typers).

With all of that said, we now try to do things more gently, with forgiveness and without shame or blame. I know many of you that have or are still walking the path of fertility, those feelings are truly tough on the bones. We are still healing from it all. We are now cherishing those nuggets of wisdom we did learn from each place and applying it to our life a pace that feels merciful and kind.

So, what we're doing is this:

Morning: Salt water flush
Morning - 3pm Lemonade drink
3pm - 6pm ~ light snacks (string cheese with apple or celery with nut butter, half of a grapefruit, cucumber slices, carrots), yogi slim life blueberry green tea
Dinner: Yummy salad full of a lot of raw yumminess. For me, I need a protein on top or I will be crabby with Cedar, so I have been putting a bit of organic turkey, tuna or chicken on the salad. Dressing with salad: fresh squeezed lemon juice, olive oil, white wine vinegar and agave nectar
Dessert: Chocolate Smooth Move (herbal laxative tea)
Dry brushing before bathing/showering (just started this today)
Drinking lots of shiny, happy water!

I am on day five and even though I haven't lost a pound, my intention was more to clean out some toxins and feel more clear headed and I am feeling wonderful. This is just what I needed to begin anew. I wanted to approach this lifestyle change in a positive, more self loving head space and I just wasn't there last week. But today, I am loving myself more. Our next step is a four-visit colonic. Yay us! I've never done one of those, so I am so curious what your experiences have been if you've been so brave. It pretty much freaks me out but I am ready to clean out my intestines!

{newsflash: Cedar turns 5 months tomorrow!!}