gentle daisy souls*

cedar & me, taken by stacy anne

Thank you, sweet and gentle daisy souls.

I have marinated in all of your wisdom. Your support, gentleness, compassion and resonating hearts have given me wings over the last few days.

I feel better...all over. I started a gentle cleanse and have been eating more mindfully and saying loving words/affirmations to my self and body.

This morning I woke up a happier me. A more fun mommy. A more sassy wife.

This is just the beginning of a journey to discover how to take care of me, the way my body needs. We are all unique and as I read your stories, I celebrate that uniqueness. I will gather your wisdom as nuggets in remembrance of this.

For years I created a healthier life for me with the intention of trying to conceive a child. Now, I am learning to do this with the intention of feeling more alive and aware and revitalized. The motivation has shifted, which makes it a new journey for me.

Love to you all on your own tender body loving journeys.

denise, boho girl