{sexy face capture, eh?}

I watched this video before posting and totally cracked up. I love how scattered my thoughts are these days, how fumbly numbly words come out of my mouth, how when I am tired, the words "like" and "um" are in almost every sentence (hello california girl). So fun!

Regarding the question I put out there to you on this vlog, know that it is purely out of a need for some inspiration. A dose of purpose and clarity, for this space and also for my book.

Those of you that have been long time readers know that my blog has always been a sacred space to me where I spill freely with emotion. Sometimes it is used to share my art (which always includes emotion). Sometimes to share how others have inspired me and changed my world for the better.

I write with the intention of healing and working through things in my life. It serves a similar purpose as a written journal, although I don't quite share all deeply personal things here out of respect for the personal privacy of the loved ones in my life.

One of the many times I have met up with other bloggettes, one dear soul said to me about 5 minutes after meeting me for the first time, "it is refreshing to know that in person, you are exactly how you are on your blog." I will never forget that moment, sitting up high in a bright and shiny bar, overlooking Santa Monica, sipping martinis and cuddling on a couch. That moment just confirmed that people see me here in this space. The real me. The authentic me and that is really important for how I choose to live my life and how I choose to share the real deal here in my sweet blog pages.

So, all that to say...my intentions with this question is purely to inspire me to continue to do what feels right for me in this space. I just need gentle nudges of inspiration while I am resurfacing from new mummyhood and rediscovering my place in the creative world.

{for those of you unable to watch videos, the question i posed was "what draws you to my blog and moreso, blog writings?"....oh, and i also asked you to think of a sexier phrase than "baby brain".}