magic sexy couch*

my sister darlene
my sister darlene, canon 50d

A few months ago, I went to lunch and to a consignment shop with Em. She had found a gem of an old 60's style orange chair there and I was hoping to find one similar. Instead, Em spotted this gorgeous vintage couch covered in a color blue that took my breath away. She was so adorably excited about it, laid on it and said "can't you see photographing lots of pretty people on this couch?" Then she made me lay on it and took a photo of me with her phone, just to show me how sexy it truly was. Her feelings were contagious. At first I resisted the gorgeousness because well, we had NO ROOM in our loft. Like, none...for a new couch. So, I walked away painfully and both her and I were sad that it might not end up in my home.

I couldn't get it out of my mind. I just felt so attached already (you know the feeling). This couch belonged in my boho home. I knew I would never find another like it. So, I begged and pleaded with the husband to at least come look at it before he went on about how we have no room. I knew he'd fall for the blueness too. And he did. He so loves me!!

So, we stuffed it in the VW bus and brought it home and now our place is more crowded than ever. Our abode has never been the same since and every time someone is photographed on our blue goddess, a sexy siren is born.

People continue to comment on the power of our couch. How it brings forth the sexy in all who lounge and curl up. I hope you all never tire of it because you might see quite a bit of it in the future.

I wonder...I wonder how all these powers came to be. Who owned it and what spell they cast on the cushions. Lets have fun, get creative...and make up some stories about the history of my magic sexy couch. Do tell...