stacy anne de la rosa
stacy anne, canon 50d

This image of Stacy laughing has brought me so much joy today. Laughter always has. People who know me best, know that I am a giggler. Whether I am joyous or nervous or uncomfortable...and sometimes even when I am hurting. I tend to mock myself while in a mess of tears when I call a loved one or cuddle with them on the couch. I laugh at myself. Laugh and cry simultaneously.

I recall my best friend and I (during high school days) once got in an argument while staring in the mirror curling our hair. We had been besties for four years and had never once had a disagreement. So it was the first time we disagreed and lightly snapped at one another and not but a second later, we were cracking up at ourselves. Laughing until we fell to the floor holding our bellies. I knew then that I needed to surround myself with people that could laugh at themselves and laugh with me. Because that is what I do to survive and sustain joy in my life.

Tell me one thing that has brought joy into your life lately or something that has made you belly laugh good.