family nap*

boho boy, amber kitty and boho baby, canon 50d

Today we decided that Sunday is Family Day. We also dreamed up that this includes a family nap during Cedar's first nap of the day.

Our routine when putting Cedar down for naps or bedtime is to lay him on our bed first. Turn off the lights. Put soft new age music on. Light up the turtle that projects stars on the ceiling. Stroke his head and belly and cuddle up in a love sandwich until he falls asleep. Then put him in his crib. He sleeps better and longer and more peaceful when we're able to do this.

But during Family Nap...we all get to stay in bed. This was our first time in what we hope to be a Sunday tradition. Cedar twisted himself so that he had his legs resting up on daddy's back and his arms stretch back to touch me, holding onto my hand. We all fell asleep like this and a bit later, when I opened my eyes, I saw that Amber had rested her head on Cedar's belly. My heart about melted into butter. So I tip-toed away to capture it with my lens.

I remember a few years back I had a phone call with a woman that has an extraordinary gift of connecting with our guardian angels. I recall her telling me that one of my angels wanted me to know that there will be a moment in a few years when I will be so overcome with complete peace about the very long, hard road to finally being with my child.

I think opening my eyes and seeing this (in photo above) was the moment my sweet angel spoke of.

{fun news:: i am the featured blogger this week over at dreamy leading up to mothers day *sigh*}