food face*

cedar loves his peas, taken with phone

So, we didn't quite know what we were doing but do we ever? Go with the flow and our intuition is always our motto in this house. It has worked fabulous so far in regards to nurturing our son's needs.

The other day we lined up in front of Cedar a bunch of tiny organic baby food jars. The ones that are for 4+ months. He's five months, so we thought...okay! Lets try it! The Pediatrician said we could ease our way into food by doing brown rice cereal in his bottle and Cedar LOVES this each night and has for a few weeks now.

So, we let him try a spoonful of each flavor to see which one he fancied. And guess which ones were his faves? Peas and carrots (that's my boy, already a granola). So, the next day and the next I let him eat lots of peas and carrots until he didn't want anymore (pushed spoon away with puckered face). Then all of a sudden he got VERY bloated and cranky for two days and I called my mom in tears saying "I have a baby question!!!". She gently told me that veggies can be harsh on baby bellies at first...especially sensitive ones like his. So, to start out slow with fruit (bananas and apple sauce). We decided to lay off food for a week to let his belly heal and it did and he is totally back to himself (which is a super happy, chilled out zen dude).

Last night I put a few scoops of banana baby food into his brown rice cereal and he was BLISSED out, man. Like I handed him a banana split or something. Belly isn't bloated today. Good news. Not so good news is that his poops were little hard turds today. Not all smushy and oatmeal like any more (you will never look at oatmeal the same now). stop is apple sauce in rice cereal. He'll think its an apple martini. Hopefully he'll have smushy apple poops. All sweet smelling. YUM.

I couldn't resist showing you guys this photo I took for my family when we first tried the stuff. Mr. Food Face.