weekend photos*

me and cedar in our hoodies
me & cedar in our almost matching hoodies, before our walk in the mist yesterday morning, taken with phone

me and cedar...
me & cedar at boho boy's library yesterday, taken with phone

Just wanted to share these two shots taken yesterday with my phone. I do this all day long, to share picture messages with family and friends. It helps us all stay connected...and them close to Cedar and his growth (and personality and moods).

Yesterday morning it was misting out...a rare thing where we live. My favorite thing. So, Cedar and I put on our hoodies and drove to a park where there are trails and flowers and little hills and gorgeousness. I am realizing that Cedar is just like me in that he is uncomfortable in piercing sun but LOVES cloudy, misty days. He kept looking up towards the sky with eyes closed and his mouth open wide to catch the mist on his tongue. Big smiles, deep sighs...both of us sharing in this together.

Later I took him to my husband's library. Did you guys know he was a sexy Librarian? How fun is it to see him in his element. Surrounded by the smell of books...his favorite things. Love watching him walk around and straighten them, with his long curls tousled around his face, his tie loose and his shirt coming out of his pants. He is so not a shirt and tie guy...but he makes it work and the fact that his outfit is barely put together, makes him even that much more sexy to me. I adored seeing him so proud of Cedar, holding him up on his chest, showing him around to all of his coworkers. This is a new side of him that I enjoy observing. A proud daddy with his puffed up chest. It's also cool to see Cedar go to anyone with all smiles and helping that person to feel important with his gaze. Such a special spirit he is.

The second photo was taken in the library...after he had a little meltdown. I notice when he is around more than just a few people, he gets overwhelmed. He is so observant and soaks each person in to the max, that I wonder if he is an empath too. He often cries after being in a crowd and just wants quiet and soft music and a dimly lit room. So we gave him that in my husband's office. A little slice of home to calm his nerves. Man, he's just like his mommy...and his daddy too. All three of us need this at the end of the day. To quiet the voices, the sounds...to hush our surroundings and close our eyes to birds chirping or waves flowing or flutes and harps singing.