first father's day...

my yummy boys today, taken with phone

Today Boho boy's heart swelled. He woke up to his very first and long awaited Father's Day. He sat up in bed first thing this morn' and moved down over near me with his tousled hair and a big grin. I said in a sleepy (and probably slightly grumpy voice because mommy's not a morning person), "Happy Father's Day...can I sleep some more?" hee hee.

I ended getting up because his happiness was contagious and Cedar was awake and we brought him into bed with us and it was a sweet snuggle. So, I made Boho Boy his favorite yerba mate with rice milk and lots of agave nectar and our sweet day began.

Midday, there was this conversation, him up in the loft and me down below...

Boho Boy: "Honey, you should go for a pedicure and to see a film."
Me: "What?!?!? Honey, its YOUR day! You get to do whatever you want!"
Boho boy: "After I get home from my massage, I want you to deserve it."
Me: "OKAY!!! Happy Father's Day!" {insert huge grin}

Although, I decided not to go. I know I needed it but on this day, it didn't feel right. Today isn't about me and I really wanted to be with my boys and marinate in a surreal sort of day together.

I have learned such unselfishness from my husband and as I wrote in his card that he opened today, I so love observing him as a father. So in tune, so in love, so playful and teachable with his son. I learn...I learn a lot and this is exactly what I dreamed of in a partnership.

Happy first Father's Day my love.

{oh and he's so smart because i do deserve it, so am going tomorrow instead...hee hee}