squishy kissy mornings*

cedar & me, taken with cell phone

This is what I look forward to every morning. When Cedar wakes and I bring him over to the magic blue couch. I lay him on my chest and we snuggle...snuggle hard. He squishes his face and forehead against mine and sucks on my cheeks with baby kisses. Then he sighs a really big sigh and mellows out while playing with my hair. Gentle strokes. On my hair, on my face or my eyelids. Its always gentleness in the morning and late night (the afternoons, he likes to squeeze and pinch and pull on my face not so gently).

This is just our time. While daddy is opening the library at the wee hours of the morning, mommy and Cedar are soaking up every morsel of the morning breeze, the smell of skin and the comfort of a love that feels indescribable. These are moments I have dreamed of for years and moments I will never take for granted.

The other day I tried to capture it with my phone, so that I could share it with my family.