my other child*

me and my other child*
me and amber, taken with phone

Thank you, sweet Amber for being such a good sport about the new little dude in our home. You used to be the one that needed all of our attentions and intentions. Elvis was always the independent kitty. But were abandoned as a babe and needed more love and we gave it to you freely.

Then Cedar entered the Boho Family picture and we found it difficult to spread out our love. We were exhausted and only had so many reserves. It was all we could do just to feed you, change your water and give you quick pats and nuzzles now and then.

You've been so patient. Never acting out. You even have become so very protective of sweet Cedar. When he cries, you come near. When he naps, you lay close. At night you wait until we put him in his crib before you come to snuggle in between us.

You were never afraid or annoyed by this new tiny human. It took Elvis a while to warm up but you sniffed him and snuggled immediately. I think that was because when we found you, you were in a cage smushed up against tons of kittens and you didn't mind. You are okay about personal space.

I have been neglecting you and have most recently really realized this. Sometimes when I lay down at night after holding a babe all day, I just want some time to myself, to not be touched or pulled on and you come up to snuggle and I push you away. You seem to get it and never take it personal and give me a few hours of peace. Then you snuggle when I am sleeping.

So, thank you...thank you for opening up space in your heart and in your home for a new life, a new way of sharing and being selfless. I promise to show you more and more how very much we love and need you too. You are a very important part of this quirky family. You make us whole.