cedar & me, taken with phone yesterday

Heather and I so enjoyed reading all of your comments. We are grateful to each of you for spreading your beauty and pouring droplets of encouragement into her heart as she transitions into her new life.

Although it was so hard for her to choose and she wanted to send each of you gifts of her art, there is one comment that spoke closely to her heart. How she wishes she will come to the place that this lovely woman has with her move...

The winner is Hayley, that said...

my husband and i moved from our lifelong home of indianapolis to charlotte 3 years ago this weekend...and it finally feels like home. i'm to the point now where i think even if we were able to move home, i'm not sure i would want to.

a year in, i felt like i started seeing familiar faces when i was "out and about". two years in i felt the muscle memory and familiarity that comes from driving the same roads day after day. now, three years into this adventure, i feel that i have deeply rooted relationships that i would mourn the loss of should we ever move.

charlotte is a good place to be--thats what i'm thinking today. :)

Hayley, please contact me at denise (at) bohophoto (dot) com and send me your mailing address. Congratulations!

Dear beauties...I may be a wee bit absent for a few days. I am dealing with a bit of exhaustion and am needing to rest up and gather my reserves to take care of my darlings. Today is Boho Boy's birthday, so we are spending our day today marinating in all the reasons we love him so.

{random side note:: will the lovelies that have scheduled sessions with me at Squam in September, please contact me? i switched personal emails and with it, my whole calendar went "poof" and i no longer have access to the session info (i so smart). thank you!}