boho boy walking in downtown Victoria, B.C., 2008

Happy Canada Day!

Boho Boy and I have been celebrating Canada from afar, watching Sarah McLachlan sing on stage in the nations capitol of Ottawa. We are blessed to have Canadian satellite that connects us to my husband's country. He often gets homesick and watching Victoria and Vancouver news softens the blow. I am continually blown away at how much more positive their news and media is than here.

I'm not surprised I married a Canadian. My great grandparents on my mother's side are from Montreal, Quebec, so French Canadian roots are in my blood. Not many of you know this about me. ; )

I've been under the weather the last few days and observing how patriotic Canadians are brought me to tears many times and infused a bit of healing into our home.

To all you Canadians out there...I have a huge soft spot for you. Super mushy gushy spot. You are an inspiring, bright, kind, tolerant, cultural, intelligent, sensitive, beautiful people.