my new dear dreads {sneak peek} ~ updated!

taken yesterday late afternoon with phone

Yesterday was one of the most magical days of my life.
I love my new dear dreads. They are so much part of me already.
Story and proper photos to come soon.
Off to visit Cedar's birth parents for the first time since he was born.
Another magical, emotional, surreal, moving day to be had.
Joyful tears spill.

{written from hotel room, overlooking lake, with the soft morning sun shining on my new locks}


updated photos:

day two...during drive to see birth parents, taken with phone

We are all giddy about your lovins and fun to read while snuggled up in our hotel room last night. Boho Boy put a tea tree oil and water solution on my roots and rubbed rubbed rubbed my scalp to take away the itchies I have from the weight of my new dreads (similar feeling to having a tight pony tail in hair all day and taking it out then feeling itchies and ouchies but more intense).

Just wanted to share a few shots I took while sitting in the back of the car with Cedar, on the way to visit birth parents. My poor family and friends are getting a gazillion picture messages from me all day via my phone. They are saturated with my new do. I wanted to share a few with you.

What I am loving most so far during this awkward transition before I get to wash and soften the dreads is that I no longer need hair ties. I can wrap my hair around itself...and it is SO low maintenance! Perfect for me.

I so look forward to sharing the details of the last few days with you. First I'll post about my dread day and then I'll post about our visit with K & T...Cedar's birth parents. Just a wonderfully awesome day.

In my dread post, I will answer your questions...where I went, my dread stylist extraordinaire, the creative spin she put on my hair, how they feel physically and emotionally and what the maintenance process will be. I also just have a lot of gushy sweet emotions to share about a visit with a dear friend that lives in town who shared this tender and life altering experience with us.

Good times.