the Zen of tiny teeth.

my view of cedar on my lap, taken with phone

Before I was a mother, I never put much thought into my nieces and nephews or friends babies teething. I hadn't realized how very tough it is on both the wee babe and the parents. I am not sure if it is because parents never talked about it with me or if I just didn't empathize but I was not at all expecting this.

A month ago Cedar cut his first two bottom teeth at the same time. He had a low grade fever for over four days. He whimpered all day long. He woke up all through the night and just wanted to be held, always held. It was so hard to see him suffer and I shed many tears when he would wince in pain and loosen his body on top of mine in total surrender of the pain.

Yesterday it started again. He is cutting one, perhaps two of his front top teeth.

Who would have known that teething would create a feeling of hunkering down in our home. My whole world has halted. We just want him to be as comfortable as possible and our hearts are breaking constant.

I know this is temporary and we've googled all things teething comfort and have tried it all. So, I know we are doing all we can and that what he needs most is our touch, our soothing voices and our love.

This is just one of the many and perhaps the hardest part of being a mother is feeling helpless when he is in pain. This is just the beginning. I know, I know.

But oh how cute those little nubbies are and thank goodness they will help him to try new delicious foods. A bit of a reminder that with pain comes new sensations, experiences and much growth. Look at me...searching for Zen wisdom in a few tiny teeth.