10 months today.

cedar & me today

I know this photo is completely out of focus and the Buddha art on our wall is hanging crooked (which is awesome...just keeping it real) but I just had to post it because of Cedar's expression as soon as he saw the red timer light on the camera. He is SUCH a little ham when we start clicking. Perhaps because he's had this huge black lens shoved in his face since the moment he was born.

Today he is 10 months old and I just feel the need to share about him. Over the last few days since I arrived home from Squam, we've been a bit attached to the hip. I had never been apart from him since birth (with the exception of errands and a few 2 hour dates with the hubs). We went from always being together to five days not together and it was tough on our hearts. Although being surrounded by artists and girlfriends in the woods was so healing and needed for mommy to rejuvenate, at night when all was quiet, I was deeply missing my boy and silently shed some tears in my pillow. We have a deep bond, him and I...and it goes beyond the mother/son relationship of fulfilling basic needs. He has this old soul spirit about him and being in his presence is so healing (and addicting). Its the spirit I was always connected to long before he came into my life but now he's just in the flesh. My family jokes around about calling him "baby Jesus" because he just seems to heal those he comes in contact with...both strangers and loved ones.

He did wonderful with daddy and Omi while mommy was away. So wonderful that a vulnerable part of me wondered if I was imagining this close connection him and I shared. I was happy that all was going well and that he was taking long naps and smiling, laughing and living brightly during those days without me but the selfish, irrational part of me wanted to be missed. I didn't know what to expect when seeing him at the airport. Would he just glance away? Would he ignore me? Be resentful that I left? Indifferent? These were fears I shared with a few cabinmates while snuggled up on our beds eating chips, hummus, cheese and grapes. Tears were shed as I shared how important it is I feel connected to him as a mother, especially being that I didn't carry or birth him. When these emotions surfaced, they surprised me but they needed to spill and they were received with such gentle open arms in the four walls of my cabin room.

So, the day I arrived home I was hanging out at baggage claim and I felt a poke in my back and I turned around to see my gorgeous tall husband standing there holding Cedar. Cedar was in an adorable pageboy hat with his big soulful eyes and he smiled big and said "mum!" with his hand stretched towards me. I melted...totally utterly melted. I grabbed him, kissed my husband romantically good and then didn't let go of Cedar the rest of the night. Boho Boy and I were cracking up at how joyful he was that I was home. He even squealed when I'd look over at him on the drive home from the airport. Okay, okay...so, we do have a deep connection and I was just being silly. Note to self: trust your heart.

Saying "mum" so clearly was a wee milestone for Cedar. He hasn't said words yet. He does the typical..."babababa" or "mumumumum" or other similar sounds. So, it was a delicious moment. A woman standing near us at baggage claim leaned towards us and said "that was priceless...all is better now." She saw me tearing up as I held him.

Another thing I wanted to share about Cedar that I find adorably cute is that he is a scooter. He refuses to crawl and all he wants to do is scoot, scoot, scoot on his bubble butt all around our hardwood floors. Its hilarious to watch. Must get it on video for you folks.

And lastly...he has the best chunker legs ever. He fits into 12 months pants and that rocks my world. So much to snuggle and squeeze and nibble.

Today I took him to Whole Foods and this dude covered in tattoos head to toe (and all around his face) approached us. He placed his head down close to Cedar's and said "you're the most adorable guy I've ever seen" and where I think most babies (and mommies) might have pulled back because lets be honest, this man looked a bit scary, Cedar put his hands up to his face to stroke his cheek. The dude got all misty and it made me misty. Seriously...baby Jesus, right? ; )

Happy 10 months baby...you truly are the brightest beacon in our lives.