lay and listen and be.

{lisa field-elliot, canon 50d}

I thank you from down deep for all of your well wishes, thoughts, affirmations, prayers, intentions for my family and all they are going through. My family thanks you too. They read my blog. They read the comments and have gotten to know many of you through your shared stories. I adore and am grateful for the healing that can transpire in the blog universe from one heart planet to another.

I was thinking a lot about my family yesterday and how I am really learning to not take the special relationships we have for granted. I think for years it was just what I always knew and perhaps expected. Then something tragic happened and I realized these precious people that I assumed may always be there in body throughout my life, may not be and goodness...I better tell them every single morsel of why I love them so. Better than tell them...but show them, which is truly the language of love.

So, I am trying to be better at showing them. I know I fumble and make mistakes but the important thing is they know my heart, my intention and that is that I love them and need them in my life.

On another note...look how gorgeous and at peace Lisa is in the photo above. Something I like to do with my clients is lay them down on mother earth. When I do this depends on when I feel my client needs to take a deep breath or hush some negative gremlins or just rest their bones and listen to the heart beat of the earth. Sometimes it is in the beginning. Some the middle or at the end but it most always gives me results like this. A moment when they feel absolute calm within and all around them.

A gentle reminder that if we feel all tied up in knots inside...find a spot on the ground outside to lay and listen. This is when we stop trying and start being.