wrap up africa.

Final Piece from Amanda Bontecou on Vimeo.
The lovely blond woman speaking in this video is my dear friend Letha. We grew up together. There was a time we were cuddled up close at her mother's house eating whatever was in the fridge and singing Kermit the Frog songs. So, when I see this it brings huge welling tears to my eyes.

I have always known she'd take her old soul wisdom, her artful ideas, her zest for creating change and do something huge. Something larger than life. Something most of us would be afraid to do. She is fearless.

I always knew she had this amazing quality about her...a quality that does not feel comfy with the norm. A heart that is not settled about a cause unless her hands are deeply rooted in it

I am so proud of her. So proud I could shout to the rooftops. So touched by what she has created in Uganda. So moved by the positive change she has inspired.

How cool is it that I can receive an email from her the other day asking my advice on what to wear to an event where she will speak in front of thousands of people in Ireland? She somehow, through it all...stays so grounded. Stays rooted in her relationships. Stays my friend...even when the life I lead feels so vastly different than hers in Uganda.

I love you, Leth...thank you for always helping me to feel that raising my child and living my dream of photography and writing is just as important as you raising up a village to help save children and their families in Uganda.

It feels so good to have known you when we wore training bras. ; )