cedar love.
cedar & rocklovepeace baby teether

Its a wee bit surreal to see your son on a website. I absolutely adore this company and their lovely owners and am looking forward to collaborating more with them.

Been feeling a bit under the weather these days. Finally am making an appointment with my naturopath. The one that took us under her wing while going through fertility stuff when all others just wanted to throw up their hands. She's patient. She's intuitive. She listens so well and she is determined...always determined to get answers. One of those doctors you dream of. The kind that email you when they can't sleep because they are thinking of your case and have had an epiphany. I didn't think they existed anymore. I know they are out there but wow, if you ever find them, never let them go.

I've wanted to go to her for a few months now with different intentions as before. The last time I saw her the focus was getting pregnant. Now, the focus is being as healthy as I can as a new mother that feels exhausted most days. Something feels off. Now that Cedar is older, I feel I am able to put a bit more energy into taking care of myself. The reason I put off going to my naturopath is that our insurance does not cover her and that was always a tough one.

So, as I was wishing to see her again and missing her attention to detail, she was dreaming up a way how we can see one another too, unbeknownst to me. I got an email from her suggesting a trade. They need new photos for their website. Oh my gosh, I am in!

Finally, finally...I can get to the bottom of why I feel so tired and achy and insomnia-like. I feel blessed because the last thing I wanted to do is go to my Western doc that talks to me while looking at the laptop sitting on her lap.