winner & giggles.

The winner of one of Julia's gorgeous prints is "Coach BK"! How exciting! BK, do go to Julia's shop to choose your favorite print. You can get in touch with Julia by emailing her at juliafeh[at]yahoo[dot]com to let her know you are the chosen one. ; )

We so enjoyed reading all of your romantic and whimsical thoughts on Fall. Thank you for sharing and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in this space. I am now craving hot cider while cuddled up in a sweater, hat and a scarf. *sigh*

I received this email from Julia tonight:

"After reading through all the beautiful and poetic comments people made about Fall, I decided I needed to put them together in some way. So, I went through all of them and highlighted words and phrases that jumped out at me and alas! a poem of sorts came through. Thought it might be fun to share with your readers (since they were the inspiration)."

The beautiful poem is on her blog here.

I also wanted to leave you with some true blue Cedar giggles (above). I know you may be leaving this post without having received a gorgeous piece of art but, can there be sadness when you watch this video? ; )

{the winners of my giveaways are chosen from the random number generator here. we leave it up to the magic of the universe as to who is supposed to receive these gifts.}