wisdom from my readers...

I feel a bit vulnerable about asking for some wisdom/advice from the masses about my child. People can have such strong opinions when it comes to the various ways to nurture/parent a child. So, I have been very gentle about sharing some things, as well as asking advice here in this space. In fact, in general, both Boho Boy and I have tried to listen to our child, our inner voice and intuition when it comes to Cedar and so far that feels very comfortable. There are so many conflicting ideas and philosophies that it can get quite overwhelming.

But, I feel as though I have been blessed with attracting such gentle, wise, wholesome individuals to this space and there is a trust I am beginning to feel with so many of my readers.

So, in my video I share a bit about what we've been going through in regards to Cedar and his eating habits, his sensitive digestion, etc. I also ask in the end for some wisdom, some shared stories about how any of you introduced more textured veggies and foods when dealing with particular food sensitivities.

Since my comments are now shut off, do email me if you would like to share your thoughts (email is on left sidebar).

Thank you so, so much.