I felt enough.

sabrina's "make believe" photo card set

Yesterday I received one of Sabrina's card's from a dear friend of mine in the mail. It was the one pictured above on the bottom left. The front of the card reads...

"You are allowed to slow down.
You are allowed to turn off your phone.
You are allowed to lie down...in the sun."

Saying no has at times been a challenge for me. More in my adulthood than when I was a child and teen. I have often worried about hurting feelings or sometimes concerned that unless I did this and was involved in that and participated in this and spearheaded that, then...and only then would I be enough, have given enough, lived enough within this precious life I have been given.

Having a child has shifted this for me. Where as before, I could devote my heart and soul to a multitude of spaces in my world, now it is so important to me to be fully present and in the moment with my son and my family.

To continue on feeling healthy and strong and resilient and creative within my home, I have needed to let go of some things. I have had to say no to some people. I have needed to take good and gentle care of my reserves and give them to the few people (and not the masses) that need me most.

In this continually shifting process for me, I've wondered if I might lose some loved ones in my life. If the idea that I cannot pick up the phone as much or fly to be with them when they're in need or participate in gatherings or be able to commit to beautiful projects would not be enough to maintain these precious friendships that I have built over the years.

Then I received this card last night and on the inside it said this;

"Just a note to tell you I love witnessing all the steps you take towards your center...to that space of love and light that holds you and your family safely and peacefully. I am in awe of you my friend. I love you."

And tears rolled down my cheeks...and I took a deep breath and I felt so understood...

...and I felt, well, enough.