you're baby can read.
cedar watching the "Your Baby Can Read" video

I returned earlier than originally planned from a magical red tent weekend spent with some gentle loving souls. Boho Boy became extremely ill while I was away and it was his 103.4 fever that made me get on the next available flight. He ended up going to the emergency room and has been diagnosed with bronchits and Influenza A. So, the poor guy is walking around with a face mask and trying his best to stay away from Cedar (which is torture) and I am being pretty anal about disinfecting the trails he leaves behind.

A few hours after he returned from the emergency room, I received a call from my sister Darlene that my marmie is in the emergency room with food poisoning and had been admitted to the hospital for an overnight stay to replenish her fluids and take more tests. We were worried about my father, who sounded confused and upset because when she is hurting, he is hurting. This is when living far away just breaks my heart.

You know...I am not sure I could have handled all of this at once if it wasn't for the few days I had spent with some extraordinary women. It was just such a huge confirmation to me how important it is for women to gather, to circle around one another. When all is aligned, it feels so effortless and grounding. So, I thank them for preparing me for the week ahead.

On a fun note, we finally received our big box of materials from Your Baby Can Read. We had thought about doing this a while ago but it was when we realized that Cedar prefers books and musical instruments to toys, that we felt it was important to nurture this in him. We think the whole concept is fascinating and it may not work for everyone but we are jazzed about trying it with Cedar. We have no expectations and are being light and fun about it. What tripped us out last night was that he clapped when he heard and saw the word "Clap" and waved when he heard and saw the word "Wave"...with a huge proud smile on his face. So, it is very telling that he enjoys this and it is his enjoyment that will navigate our way through it all.

I will share some images and stories of my dready goddess-y weekend soon.