elfin christmas.

cedar elf1

cedar elf3

cedar elf2

We are home.

I have so many images to share from our holiday in Northern California with my family. Such an unforgettable few days shared together.

Boho Brother is still in town. Today we took him to a Buddhist temple and meditation garden and tomorrow we are driving our VW Bussy to the beach for sand/ocean naps and a finger food buffet. Then he heads back to Canada on the 30th.

I think we're all drunk with love. Seriously. I thought I couldn't love my family any more than I do but to see them through Cedar's eyes was crazy beautiful. I will spread the love soon on this space.

Until then, I thought I'd share with you the wee elf that visited us on Christmas morning.

{for those of you that inquired...the hat Cedar is wearing is from Everyday Beautiful. a dear gift from Em. he's modeling the hat as a newborn here}