my first podcast interview.

me & swirls

About a month ago, I did a podcast interview with Ana Ottman of the amazing Creatuitive Coaching.

I was a wee nervous, this being my first time, so a few minutes before the interview, I lit candles all around me, put some Zen-ish music on, curled up on our bed, took deep breaths and centered myself. Then I dialed the number and heard her sweet, inviting voice and all my nerves melted away. Ana is such a delight and created such a safe space for me to spill from my heart.

You can listen to it here: Your Sacred Self.

It was a bit longer than we anticipated, so curl up with some tea and spend some time with us. I love how she used the word "intoxicating" to describe this interview. She had no idea that this is one of my favorite words! I am blushing and feeling humbled.

{ the photo above is of me and Swirly in my home. it doesn't really have anything to do with this interview. i just stumbled upon it last night and wanted to share the joy we were feeling when boho boy took this of us this past august}