star lights.

star lights.
my favorite window in our loft

Last night I pulled these star lights out of their box and found that they were all twisted and knotted and intertwined. It is a very long string (wrapping around most of our living room) and it took a very very long time to get them unraveled.

I started to feel impatient and frustrated and then an image of my father during each Christmas growing up came into my mind. He would unravel countless strings of lights for us girls (outdoor, indoor) all by himself with such precision and patience. When we were really young, he didn't want us to help for fear we would get shocked. He never got angry or frustrated while spending what felt like hours untangling the bulbs. Perhaps it was a meditation to him.

I took a deep breath and channeled my father last night. I viewed it as a practice in patience, which I know once Cedar stands on his two feet, I will need in abundance.

Thank you, daddy...for teaching me how to be more present and patient, even when you had no idea I was noticing.