Sponsor GIVEaway!

kerin rose sponsor giveaway.
peace necklace, photo by kerin rose

I am so honored to host this giveaway from a very special Sponsor of mine: Kerin Rose.

About Kerin:
I have been creating jewelry for as long as I can remember; and 'making things' has been the golden thread that has connected all the times in my life. I have been (not necessarily in this order!) a puppet designer for the Muppets, a restoration specialist in The Costume Institute at the Met in NYC, a freelance designer for film and TV ( I was personally responsible for David Letterman's alka-seltzer suit!) and an adjunct professor of art education. Through all of it, metal has been my 'medium' of personal expression.

I consider myself a sculptor of sorts, creating pieces that I hope, will reflect the soul of the woman or man that wears it. I am influenced by the spiritual symbols of many cultures, patterns in nature and the human form in all its diverse beauty. My designs often come to me in dreams. Many who already own my jewelry say they feel it becomes a part of them, and amplifies the spirit....

Please read more about Kerin and her Mission as well as her creative process and the harmonious way she lives her life. Isn't she so inspiring and extraordinary? She also has an Etsy shop in addition to the one on her website.

GIVEaway details:

  • Winner will receive the gorgeous Peace necklace as shown above; The piece is approx 1 1/8” diameter, and made of 100% recycled sterling silver with a wax cord. Trivia: Did you know that the creator of this peace symbol intentionally did not copyright it so that it would be used over and over again, all around the world?
  • To enter, please leave a comment; It can be one word or many words.
  • Comments will be closed Sunday evening at 9pm.
  • This is a random drawing.
  • Winner to be announced Monday, December 14th
  • Winner, please email Kerin your mailing address to info (at) kerinrose.com
  • Peace, luck and blessings to you all...thank you for entering.